CALMORE SPORTS CLUB – Statement from Pete Lavelle, Club Chairman

As you will have seen, the ECB recommended earlier this week that all forms of recreational cricket be suspended. This extends to training, pre-season friendlies and any associated cricket activity. As a result, we have cancelled all remaining indoor and outdoor training sessions and pre-season friendlies across all age-groups. We now know the the beginning of the league season will also be delayed.

The Hampshire Cricket League have released a statement concerning the league season for 2020 that says:
* If
restrictions on group sport are lifted before 30th June HCL will complete the rest of the 2020 league season with promotion and relegation being administered. Division 1 promotion to SPCL will be dependent on arrangements made by SPCL

* If restrictions are lifted after 30th June there will be no competitive league matches and the same league format will roll into the 2021 season with no promotions or relegations.  HCL would recommend clubs play their remaining fixtures as friendlies.

We are still waiting an update from the SPCL and the NFJCA.

In the meantime, your health and safety are our key priority. This means we encourage everyone to make sensible decisions, engage in social distancing and to follow the latest medical guidance. We are also aware of the vital role sport plays in our mental and physical well being, so we are exploring different ways we can offer our members opportunities to get involved in activities that will support the club and our wider local community.

We remain optimistic that we will be able to play cricket this season and are working on a plan to ensure we are ready to resume as soon as it is safe to do so. This includes making sure our ground and outfield are prepared for matches and the nets and practice areas are maintained so players can practise. We will be putting a plan in place that will mean we can get the necessary work done and there will be the opportunity for anyone who is interested to get involved in work at the club in a safe environment. We are gutted we won’t be playing cricket as soon as expected and are sure you are too. But we are fortunate to have a caring, positive, engaged membership and we will continue to provide opportunities for everyone to be involved in the life of the club, even if we can’t get out onto the pitch.

Best Wishes
Pete Lavelle
Club Chair