In the fourth in the series of Calmore Sports profiles with what and who makes us enjoying the game we love, today it is one of the newcomers Deane Whittington, who has joined us for the 2020 season (hopefully).

If you would like to get involved, all players, past or present can give us their take on the sport, at Calmore Sports or otherwise – so please answer the 18 questions and email richard@calmoresports.co.uk.

Name: Deane Whittington.

Nickname(s): Deano, D-Dubs.

What sparked your interest in cricket: My Dad took me to Sam Garaway at Ventnor CC aged 6 and fell in love straight away with the ground, the game and him as a coach.

Do you prefer the T20, 50-over, county or Test format of the game: Test cricket and T20.

Cricketing hero: Graham Thorpe and Shane Warne.

Favourite current (professional) player: Steve Smith or Virat Kohli are current inspirations.

Most admired/best player you have played with: Steven Snell, who went on to play for Gloucestershire and Somerset.

Most formidable opponent: Damian Shirazi, who was opening bat for West of England U16s was a formidable opponent despite bowling him out each game I played against him.

Who would you most like to be isolated with from Calmore Sports – and who wouldn’t you: Would – Mark Lavelle as I would like to get to know him as skipper.  Wouldn’t – I can’t really say as I don’t want to hack anyone being so new!!

Favourite away ground: Bath Cricket Club ground or Bashley.

Favourite/most memorable match you’ve played in: Taking five wickets and taking a hat-trick for just 21 off eight overs against Brading on the Isle of Wight.

Personal highlight/champagne moment: Making the final of the Sun Life of Canada U15s T20 against Ireland for Isle of Wight.

Best way to relax after the game: Grabbing a couple of cold ones with the lads after a game.

Do/did you have any cricketing superstitions: I always strap my pads on a set way before I felt ready to bat!

Is there anything you’d change about the game: I’d like to see more T20 even a league at grass roots level.

If you could invite 3 cricketing celebrities (players, presenters, commentators) round for dinner, who would they be and why: Shane Warne, Freddie Flintoff and Graham Thorpe – what a laugh and what experience to take away!