In the sixth in the series of profiles revealing what and who makes us enjoy playing or watching cricket, today we hear from former first XI captain Darren Vann.

If you would like to get involved, all players, past or present can give us their take on the sport, at Calmore Sports or otherwise – so please answer the 18 questions and email

Name: Darren Vann

Nickname(s): None I know of at CSC, Coq Au at Alton, FAS (Fat Aussie Slogger) at Cadnam and Panel back home.

What sparked your interest in cricket: I had no choice, I am an Aussie.

Do you prefer the T20, 50-over, county or Test format of the game: Love it all (Caroline will tell you I’ll watch any game of cricket!).

Cricketing hero: Ian Healy and Adam Gilchrist.

Favourite current (professional) player: Tim Paine (you might be noticing a pattern!)

Most admired/best player you have played with: Played with so many great players over 35 years, hard to single people out.

Most formidable opponent: See answer to the previous question – probably plenty of bowlers who have me in their pockets!

Who would you most like to be isolated with from Calmore Sports – and who wouldn’t you: Like to – Prouders.  Not like to – Prouders after a couple of days.

Favourite away ground: Dean Park, Bournemouth.

Favourite/most memorable match you’ve played in: Captaining against Graham Yallop, 15 years after he captained Australia, we won on first innings defending 90 odd then got rolled for 35 and lost outright!

Personal highlight/champagne moment: Making 101* chasing 125

Funniest moment/s in cricket: Telling James Vince he wouldn’t amount to much when he was playing for the Hampshire Academy.

Best way to relax after the game: Getting Prouders away from my wife!

Do/did you have any cricketing superstitions: Always put left pad on first, don’t move when things are going well, never block three balls in a row.

What will you miss most in cricket during this enforced break: Living at Loperwood Park for four months and eating at stupid o’clock!

Is there anything you’d change about the game: Develop options to keep more people playing.

If you could invite 3 cricketing celebrities (players, presenters, commentators) round for dinner, who would they be and why: Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting, Andrew Symonds.