Peter Lavelle (Chairman), Jeff Tyler (Treasurer), Clare Taylor (Secretary), Mike Cotton (Membership Secretary), Stuart Bailey (Colts Co-Ordinator) and Steve Brandes (Welfare Officer), in addition to the general committee members of James Rose, Dave Johns, Keith Woodhall and Shawn Kitcher have all expressed that they wish to stand for re-election.

Should you know anyone willing to take up any of these positions or just be a part of the committee, please inform Clare Taylor before 3rd November 2014. Please remember that you must have permission of the person you have nominated along with a proposer and seconder.

We are proposing that there is a small increase to membership fees because of the increased costs and outgoings prior to the start of the season and that adult and family memberships can be paid (if you wish) in 12 monthly standing order instalments starting in January 2015. Details of these increased will be discussed at the AGM.