Below is a statement from club captain Mark Lavelle, following Prime Minster Boris Johnson’s latest announcement of yet another lockdown in England.

Good evening everyone,

Obviously, with the latest Boris announcement, that has put a complete end to any hope of indoor nets this year!

Fingers crossed, this vaccine gets rolled out and we can have a summer of cricket and get outdoors in April.

Look after yourselves, it’s a crap time for everyone.  If anyone needs anything, give me a shout!  Happy to get the running shoes on and hit the tarmac if people want to as well.

Stay safe everyone.

On behalf of Calmore Sports Club, to all of our players, supporters, members, committee, sponsors, friends and families – please stay safe.  We are all in this together and we all want to come out of the other side of this latest lockdown safely, happily and in good health.  But if you are struggling, be it mentally or physically, please reach out to any of the Calmore family.

We are all here for you, we are all here to support each other, whether on the pitch or sat at home.  We are #OneClub.

#FTM #CalmoreFamily