Calmore Sports Club President’s Day.  Saturday 12th September 2020.  High noon.  The Battle of the Ages.  Steve Brandes’ Legends XIII against Mark Lavelle’s First XIII.

It has been the talk of Loperwood Park for weeks and it is now just three days away and the players have been announced for this much awaited clash.

The President has amassed a squad of 13 players that can boast 1,356 first XI appearances, having boosted that number following the withdrawal of Matt Metcalfe and replaced him with Nigel Hill.  His band of men have 22,644 runs and 898 wickets as well as six first XI captains to their names.  The “Legends” tag is not one used loosely here!

But club captain Mark Lavelle has responded by naming his 13-man squad and he has something that the President’s team doesn’t have …. a first-class player and that could make all the difference (no, Hibby, your game still doesn’t count!).

Lavelle’s youngsters … and Rosey … have a total of 858 first XI games (not including the 2020 COVID Cup appearances, which were not classed as fully fledged first XI games).  They can field 12,351 runs worth of talent and 643 wickets.

The two squads of players are listed below and their first XI statistics …..

Paul Draper (165 matches, 4479 runs, 185 wickets)
Tom Pegler (299 matches, 5610 runs, 141 catches, 10 stumpings)
Paul Cass (133 matches, 2510 runs, 140 wickets)
Martin Kellaway (82 matches, 1774 runs, 63 catches, 34 stumpings)
Clive Surry (87 matches, 1845 runs, 10 wickets)
Dave Rouse (22 matches, 411 runs)
James Hibberd (112 matches, 2302 runs, 120 wickets)
Nigel Hill (41 matches, 329 runs, 44 wickets)
Mark Boston (138 matches, 1422 runs, 116 wickets)
Charlie Freeston (42 matches, 400 runs, 54 wickets)
Roy Walton (36 matches, 230 runs, 40 wickets)
Dave Brandes (41 matches, 354 runs)
Paul Proudley (158 matches, 978 runs, 189 wickets)

Mark Lavelle (199 matches, 2783 runs, 254 wickets)
Ben Johns (119 matches, 3507 runs, 1 wicket)
Will Brewster (debuted in 2020)
Max Bailey (debuted in 2020)
James Manning (40 matches, 829 runs, 29 wickets)
Ben Fisher (debuted in 2020)
Matt Taylor (39 matches, 428 runs)
Ben Perry (119 matches, 1328 runs, 51 wickets)
Dan Croft (48 matches, 95 runs, 48 wickets)
Yannick de Mezieres Lepervanche (7 matches, 3 runs, 13 wickets)
James Rose (254 matches, 3061 runs, 246 wickets)
George Woodhall (20 matches, 161 runs, 1 wicket)
Sam Moss (13 matches, 156 runs)

This 2020 season, so ravaged and curtailed by the dreaded Coronovirus, will be brought to its close with this game and it is hoped that a bumper crowd will come along, support the day and most importantly, support the club for a final time this season.

The match will be a 40-over a side game starting at 12noon.  Bar will be open, of course – let make it a day to remember.

#FTM #OneClub

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