In the ninth in the series of profiles revealing what and who makes us enjoy playing or watching cricket, today we hear from the resident club DJ …. the man, the mic, the decks …. Jono Maton.

If you would like to get involved, all players, past or present can give us their take on the sport, at Calmore Sports or otherwise – so please answer the 18 questions and email

Name: Jono Maton

Nickname(s): DJ.

What sparked your interest in cricket: The greatest Test series ever – the 2005 Ashes.

Do you prefer the T20, 50-over, county or Test format of the game: Tests.

Cricketing hero: Chaminda Vaas.

Favourite current (professional) player: Trent Boult.

Most admired/best player you have played with: Adam Carty is the most admired.  The best player I have played with had to be Will McNeil.

Most formidable opponent: The second spell.

Who would you most like to be isolated with from Calmore Sports – and who wouldn’t you: Like to – Cal Stanton.  Not like to – Sam Vidler.

Favourite away ground: Anywhere on the Isle of Wight.

Favourite/most memorable match you’ve played in: The great day of 2018.  Mudeford away 8.30am start then watching England beat Sweden in the World Cup.

Personal highlight/champagne moment: Earliest wicket in Hampshire League history – first ball of the day at 8.30am!

Funniest moment/s in cricket: Revving up Yannick at Ventnor with Pra.

Best way to relax after the game: A million Thatcher’s and getting on the decks until the early hours.

Do/did you have any cricketing superstitions: Sit away from team when batting and don’t have teas if we’re bowling second.

What will you miss most in cricket during this enforced break: The only time it’s acceptable to be a badger.

Is there anything you’d change about the game: No second spells.

If you could invite 3 cricketing celebrities (players, presenters, commentators) round for dinner, who would they be and why: DJ Bravo, Chris Gayle, Daren Sammy.