Calmore Sports stalwart Terry Sweetman has celebrated 50 years at Calmore Sports with a presentation to commemorate the occasion.

Scorer and statistician Terry, who has been involved with the club since 1965, picked up his memento of a engraved glass plaque prior to the opening day of the 2016 season and a trip with the 2nd XI to Bashley (Rydal).

‘Sweeters’, a legend in Calmore Sports circles for his outstanding attention to detail, received many plaudits for his commitment to the club.

Club Chairman Pete Lavelle said “I had the honour of presenting Terry with a small memento in recognition of his 50 years’ service to Calmore Sports and I thank him for the work he has put in over those years.”

President Steve Brandes, for whom Terry worked alongside for many years as captain and player, added, “Terry was already a fixture at the club by the time I joined in 1978.  Since then, his dedication has been absolute, save of course for those days when a club fixture clashes with that of his beloved Saints, who has has been a lifeline supporter.

“Those familiar with Terry’s work will already be aware of his immaculate scorebook and invariable accuracy.  A rare error would give rise to threats by us mortals that his contract may not be renewed bu it always was and always will be.

“Thank you Terry for your effots on our behalf over the last 50 years.”